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There will be .. once , twice or more than triples.
You're doing good. Celebrating it happily , funny and you'll forget there were days you did bad.
There will be time,
You're an average. You're doing good, but still you did mistakes. However, you're able to compensate it and keep working all days and didn't give up over the time.
There will be ,
You're having bad times, experience bad lucky , and it makes your mood to swing all days. You'll forget the days you're struggle before, and just think to quit . OR stop . And keep crying ..
But you forgot , lots of people outside request for new chances to get up from the same beds , places and wish to do good again if they could do so .

And What you remember is only your sadness, and tell everyone that you're sad. You're crying.. share in the social webs that you do bad thing today .. feeling like want to give up all things.

you shared your stories with people , specifically your …