Thursday, 7 December 2017

Kesalahan adalah guru terhebat

"Experiences give lessons"
"Practice make perfect".

Sometimes we just need to be wrong in the first, to be true exactly in the next.
Sometimes, we need a mistake to guide the true path of our journey.
If we keep on doing the right things, it's good but we will never think about imperfections that is actually existing around and it's the luck that giving us the true tracks at that time.

The point is, yes we are not god. We are just human. Not all things will happen according to our will and plans. There will be bad days . The day we have lots of  mistakes along the day. The day you feel confused and started to worry about yourself.

The management is, try to take out the positive things from the mistakes that you made. There's a reason behind why u made mistakes at that time either due to your carelessness or not, so don't blame yourself too much till you feel down. It's not good. If a person taught you about the mistakes you did, just keep inside your heart that it has promised you to be a better person in the future.

Old days are good if today you're correcting the mistakes you did.
New days are better if you started to be careful and try to not repeat the same mistakes again.

Just keep on your mind, to be good is not easy if the good vibes itself do not exist inside your brain and verbals.

Be positive. It's the nature of a learner. If not today, then it will be the next day. Be grateful for whatever you have facing before. It is actually a good start if you're always trying to be better.

It's not how we make mistakes, but how we corect them that defines us.